Mindfulness about Money = Stylish, Ethical Fashion

Wednesday WomanAnna Moody, founder and creator of British Brazilian has been an entrepreneur and business owner for the last 25 years.

Anna launched her signature label British Brazilian in 2012. British Brazilian is dedicated to offering women a structured, no-nonsense approach to getting dressed for work or daily life, focusing on high quality fabrics, elegant designs and high level workmanship.

According to the Daily Echo, “She started her first business at just 17, making clothes in her parents’ living room and putting on fashion shows.”

It wasn’t until after her daughter was born that she became mindful about money, and decided to start a clothing line for women offering quality, classic styles that wouldn’t wear out.

“When she started researching the business, she was horrified to discover the huge mark-up on clothing and felt that many brands were founded on exploitation – something she was determined not to be part of. Her fabrics come from Italian mills and her clothes are made by a small group seamstresses in Athens who had been put out of work by the country’s economic crisis.”

“Mindfulness is important to Anna – from her company investing a quarter of its profits into charity to encouraging people to spend less time thinking about acquiring shoes and more quality time with their families – it is something she lives as well as preaches.”

And that’s why Anna Moody is our Wednesday Woman this week. (Plus, her clothes are beautiful.)

You can follow Anna Moody on Twitter @I_AM_BB_LTD and Facebook.

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